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Hosting for beginners

If your new to buying or subscribing to web hosting you probably wondering what is web hosting can do to your site? Well the job of making websites and web pages available to users is called web hosting or web space because we sell “space” on the internet, it is measured in megabytes and maintain in a very powerful web servers which house your documents. Web host also connect their web servers to the Internet by very powerful connections, enabling many web users to access your web pages at the same time.

So,if you are looking to setup a new website and just discovering the world of internet and in need of web hosting, or you want to have your own blog and really don’t know which plan to choose for your project and small business, then, MSWEB Network welcomes new affiliates and guide you with your hosting essential.

Beginners package needs:

  • You may need At least 1 – 3 GB of space. If you’re presenting pictures and images  in high resolution, the size of a picture will be at least 0.5-1.0 MB (the average size for a 1600×1200 pixels picture).
  • Get At least 50 GB of monthly bandwidth. This is more than enough bandwidth; you will not reach the limit unless your website generates traffic and has a lot of images.
  • Additional, ready to use software. As you don’t need a customized, fully featured website, it might in handy to be able to use a website builder offered free by the web host or get an open source software.
  • Technical support- it is a top notch in running a website make sure that you contact your web hosting in a timely manner and ensure that they respond to your need.
  • Don’t brake a bank. You don’t need  expensive package so why pay for one?
Running a web site, whether for business or pleasure is immensely rewarding, just do some research and way your options before signing up for any packages for your website.
“Remember you can always upgrade your plan”
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