Importance of updating your wordpress

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Importance of updating your wordpress

WordPress LogoWordPress is constantly changing to adapt to security and browser issues and your installation should be upgraded as often as possible to ensure that your site is safe and error free. Whether you have a hundred plugins or just one, it’s very important that you always update your plugins the day an update comes out. Philippine Web Hosting Provider constantly reminding our readers and followers to Keep in your task list that regular update for a painless WordPress experience. If you don’t have this habit, here are some reasons why you should:

  • It Keeps Your Website secure and working. WordPress is open source. Like all open source software, when an upgrade comes out, the details of that upgrade are made public. If one of them is a security fix, then someone with malicious intent could use that information to their advantage – potentially hacking into any WordPress website that has not been upgraded in the meantime.
  • It Helps Ensure Compatibility with Plugins. If you are running an older version of WordPress and install a brand new plugin, it may require the latest version of WordPress to work correctly. In such a case, you would somehow have to find an older version of that plugin that is compatible with your version of WordPress, and that version might be missing some important features and bug fixes that were introduced in the newer version.
  • You Get to Use the Newest Features. The WordPress 3.0 upgrade introduced multi-site installations and custom navigation menus, while the 3.1 upgrade improved internal linking and added the Admin Bar to easily navigate between sites. If you are using an older version of WordPress, you might be doing many things the long way.
  • Before you get started, it’s a good idea to back up your website. This means if there are any issues you can easily restore your website and remember, it is important to update three things: the actual WordPress application, themes and plugins.

wordpress3.5.2 fixes 12 bugs and security fixes which includes:

  • Blocking server-side request forgery attacks, which could potentially enable an attacker to gain access to a site.
  • Disallow contributors from improperly publishing post.
  • An update to the SWFUpload external library to fix cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Gruszecki. (Developers: More on SWFUpload here.)
  • Prevention of a denial of service attack, affecting sites using password-protected posts.
  • An update to an external TinyMCE library to fix a cross-site scripting vulnerability.
  • Multiple fixes for cross-site scripting.
  • Avoid disclosing a full file path when a upload fails.


Tip: With each update to WordPress you will find bug fixes and security fixes; the major version updates (like 3.1, 3.2, 3.3…) will contain feature enhancements. One of these enhancements could be really helpful to you, but if you hold off on updating you won’t have access to them.

Updating a plugin is very easy. In fact, you probably could have updated 50 plugins by the time you have read this article. The next time you see a number next to the update section on your admin panel, don’t ignore it. Instead, take a few seconds of your time to update it. By doing so, you can keep your website safe. WordPress 3.5.2, now available for download, is a maintenance and security release for all previous versions.

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